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#IWD Women who inspire me

8 Mar

International Women’s Day on March 8 is by far, among any other day, a great day to reflect on the struggle for women’s rights and achievements, and to celebrate women.

Here are a dozen women I am acquainted with who inspire me daily. Thank you, ladies, for what you do, what you stand for. Here is why I am in awe, in a word or more. A longer essay would probably be fairer but the essence is what I’m aiming for.

Amy van der Hiel

She’s right (yes, always), kind, caring, sensible, smart, astute, efficient, positive and determined.
When I met Amy more than 15 years ago, I met a soul mate (or soul matey, heh, capt’n?)

Ann Bassetti

A strong and modern woman. Caring, determined and wise. Gracious at all times, even when calling out scoundrels.
Being in touch with Ann, working alongside, has made me a better person.

Wendy Seltzer

An achiever who stands firmly for her values and puts her proverbial money where her mouth is. She’s also determined and eloquent.

Virginie Galindo

A strong woman, who in a brave, friendly and inclusive way moves causes forward, be that securing the Web, the cause of women in tech, and even love!

Véronique Lapierre

Véro is pragmatic, wise, sensible, smart, reliable, discreet, brave, and an epicurean.
Véro has such an intriguing background. I wish I met her moar.

Sophie Drouvroy-Simonnet

Intrepid, strong, brave, determined, humane, super-humane, crafty, web-savvy, a great worker, a great mum, a great friend.
When I think of Sophie, I think of wind in our hair as we rode the Space Mountain roller coaster. WOW!

Delphine Malassingne

Artistic and thorough, obsessive, relentless, caring. Delphine embarks on projects she believes in and makes succeed.
I wish I were closer to Delphine so that I could join some of her crafts bandwagon.

Léonie Watson

Sweet and strong, determined, efficient, always positive, eloquent. Léonie is a beacon.

Eve La Fée

Fount of knowledge, cunning, strong, eclectic, expert, crafty, natural.

Sylvie Duchateau

When I think of Sylvie, I think sunshine. She’s energetic, positive, focused, determined, kind, adventurous and brave.

Theresa O’Connor

Tess is braveness impersonated, positivism, energy, strength, determination. She’s wonderful and beautiful.

Eve Coste-Manière

Pure creativity. Philosophy. Energy. Booster. Eve tinkers on a humongous amount of projects and makes the best happen.

international women's day logo

international women’s day logo

For #IWD2017, why not #BeBoldForChange?

8 Mar
international women's day logo

international women’s day logo


International Women’s Day (March 8) is observed world-wide as a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women (or, as commemoration of the struggle for women’s rights.)

2017 marks the 109th observance of the day.

2017 marks my 1st observance of the day.

How will people observe the day?

I have heard that some have decided to participate by taking personal time to not come into work (volunteering instead for any cause related to social, economic, cultural and political change for women); other people may wear red and/or support women in other ways; and others have suggested that men handed over public speaking to women (cf. Kozlika’s 8 mars, la parole aux femmes.)

I was delighted just now to be notified that @foxmask ran away with @Kozlika’s idea #1 and reproduced a blog post that matters to me. <3

How will I observe the day?

I found via my friend and colleague Amy that on Wednesday 8 March, a follow up is planned to the January’s Women’s March: A Day without a Woman.

“A Day without a Woman” gave me pause. It resonated with me.

Considering that 1) I have a lot on my plate at work, that 2) I wear red most days already, I thought of a day mostly without me [at work] that I will implement in the following fashion: I’ll set myself away in IRC, will write or reply to e-mail only if necessary, will not attend WebEx meetings.

I hope to feel inspired in the meantime to produce or create non-work to #BeBoldForChange.

You can help perhaps? If you have a hunch what I might be good at, please, drop a suggestion in the comments. 

I support a day without a woman logo

I support a day without a woman logo

Les lieux familiers (bis)

21 Feb

Je voyage assez souvent (et c’est chouette) et me trouve à l’aise dans les aéroports. Quelque chose de familier, d’interchangeable, qui me sied. 

On n’a pas besoin d’y parler trop. C’est reposant. On s’y perd rarement sauf happé dans des rêveries. J’ai un bon bouquin et quand je ne lis pas, j’observe les gens. 

Je regarde souvent ma pellicule photos de téléphone intelligent : il est claffi de photos prises d’avion ou d’aéroport. 

Je suis en transit pour Berlin. Je n’y ai jamais mis les pieds ! On le dit que c’est magnifique et dynamique. J’y vais pour le boulot et prendrai ce que je peux de ces quelques jours. 

Ah, ça va me manquer de moins voyager. 

Les lieux familiers

11 Jan Near Golfito from the plane
Comme moi, Karl est un “hospital native”. Comme moi ? Non, pas tout à fait. Certes en entrant dans un hôpital, comme lui j’entre dans un lieu familier, je comprends les codes non écrits, les habitudes et les processus. Mais point de réconfort n’émerge d’une habitude oubliée. J’ai des habitudes oubliées de mon enfance à l’hôpital (aux hôpitaux, deux, si je veux être précise) car mon papa chef de service y était logé avec nous; et de ma vie de jeune adulte alors que j’y travaillais pendant les vacances scolaires.

Je connais les rotations de gens, les dossiers médicaux, les salles et appareils d’examens, mais ce qui me reste le plus, ce sont les couloirs et coursives aux lumières blafardes, et l’impression déprimante d’un moment en suspens alors que le temps, lui, s’égrène inexorablement. Il me faut un effort pour les occulter et que je fouille pour raviver les sourires des malades, les voix enjouées et le ton rassurant du personnel, et la lumière naturelle inondant les couloirs lorsqu’au profit d’un soin la porte d’une chambre est entrouverte.

Dans ces lieux familiers je ne m’attarde pas.