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#drawvember: days 11-20

20 Nov

I know one great way to end the day and wash away the worries of work (tee hee), but when that’s not an option, I draw :) 

Since last summer, I have happily neglected the drawing iPad apps that I favoured these past few years, because  of the *feeling* actual tools and materials provide. Feeling what I’m drawing is something I have always missed on the iPad. On the other hand, there are limited “undo” options with actual materials. Each context is very different and both have advantages and drawbacks. At the moment, I am having the most fun with non digital art. 

I drew everyday in October for #inktober and liked it so much, and made enough progress that I wanted to continue, hence #drawvember. The first 10 are in #drawvember: days 1-10.

Day 11: Bird on a bough. Uniball black pin pen, Faber-Castell grey soft brush pen, watercolour. 10×15 cm.Bird on the bough of a tree in bloom

Day 12: Japanese woman in yukata holding an umbrella. Uniball black pin pen, watercolour. 10×15 cm.Japanese woman in yukata holding an umbrella and seen from the back.

Day 13: Lavender fields in Provence. watercolour. 10×15 cm. Lavender fields, country house, trees and hills.

Day 14: Octopus and fish. Uniball black pin pen (0.05 mm).Octopus and fish, filled out with different thin and delicate patterns

Day 15: Nose and mouth. Pixels. Uniball black pin pens. Nose and mouth done in pixels

Day 16: Nemo, Dory & Bruce. From a “Finding Nemo” preparatory sketch by Ricky Nierva. Uniball black pin pens, Faber-Castell grey soft brush pens, watercolour. Nemo, Dory & Bruce; fish and shark right behind them.

Day 17: Sailboat at sea. Black Indian ink and pen. Sailboat at sea

Day 18: Ryu. A dragon. Faber-Castell grey soft brush pens and water. Red Chinese seal (a gift from my trip in China last Spring) saying my name and its equivalent in Chinese. 10×15 cm. Dragon in grey shades.

Day 19: Powdering the neck. Reproduction of a Kitagawa Utamaro Ukiyo-e that I saw at the Guimet Museum in Paris last month. Uniball black pin pens, Faber-Castell grey soft brush pens. 10×15 cm. Powdering the neck. Reproduction of a Kitagawa Utamaro Ukiyo-e. Woman seen from behind, a hand on her neck, and the reflection of her face in the mirror she holds.

Day 20: A swirl of cats. Jedi and Mo sharing one basket. Uniball black pin pen (0.1 mm). black ink drawing of my two cats sharing one basket.


Making Christmas cards

6 Dec

I started to make Christmas cards yesterday, thinking that was going to be a quick thing. Wrong.

I wanted to use either or both watercolour pencils and watercolour pens. I went for the latter.

The pens are easy enough to use. Either apply colour on paper and quickly work with a brush and water, or apply colour on a plastic surface and mix on brush with water. My paper was barely thick enough, but that will do. 

I sketched my scene, cut the elements, did the layout, drew on paper, painted cut out the elements and glued them.


Christmas cards with red baubles 

And I continued today, with different colours.

 Christmas cards with blue baubles 

Update 12 December: I made a few more this week:

 Christmas cards with Santa and reindeer 

 Christmas cards with Santa, presents and little cabin 

I intend to create a few more and hope there is time, as it’s quite time-consuming.

Update 19 December: I made a few more today and I’m done:

 Christmas cards with Santa and reindeer; and with Santa, presents and little cabin  

Photo of all the Christmas cards I made this month 

#sketch: Jardin des plantes, Paris

27 Dec

Santa (Daniel DardaNoël) brought me a book on urban sketching, with a note that he wished I’d do more drawing on location. I love the idea.

I’ve always been in awe of those who master live sketching, quick sketching, those who keep a travel notepad or sketchbook to fill with notes and drawings or paintings. My friend Ann Bassetti travels with watercolour and a light equipment just to do that. She took me to a Dr Sketchy Anti Art School event in San Francisco last March. It was fun and inspiring, although I performed very poorly. But it wasn’t the point. The point is that I’ve wanted to do this for years, and I have a few notepads and sketchbooks already, and I’m glad I went with Ann last March, and that Daniel just gave me this book. This is all connected :)

So, I read all the book and although it says ‘go outside and sketch,’ I stayed inside and sketched. From a picture I took in Paris last October at Jardin des plantes, next to the gigantic greenhouse.

Made on paper (12×17 cm), in my Paperblanks notebook, with Pentel ink brush and watercolour.

scanned sketchbook: Jardin des plantes, watercolour and ink, made 26 December 2014

#sketch: Adrien endormi dans l’avion

3 May

Cette nuit pendant le vol San Francisco – Francfort, j’ai dessiné mon petit voisin endormi – mon fils Adrien. Ce n’est pas très ressemblant, car l’enfant du portrait semble plus âgé, mais j’aime assez, cependant. Voici la grande version (1536 x 2048) :

Portrait d'Adrien endormi dans l'avion, 3 mai 2014